Bamberger Family Album

Photos courtesy of the Bamberger family.

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Clara and Moses, 1923. Neils Bamberger's parents. Helga and Aron Schonbaum. Tove Bamberger's parents. Neils' family. Neils, back center.
Tove's family. Grandparents' 50th anniversary, circa 1947. Tove and her older sister, Kate, before the war. Copenhagen. 2nd grade class in Jewish day school circa 1943 in Denmark. Unlike other countries in Nazi-occupied Europe, every child and teacher survived.
After Tove returned from Sweden, 1945. Tove as a young woman. Copenhagen, circa 1951. Tove and Neils newly married. Dec. 26, 1955.
Tove and Neils today in their garden. Tove and Neils with all the grandchildren.  


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