Purchasing the Play Package

Play finale sung at Not In Our Town Conference in Bloomington, Illinois

The play package includes: 

  • Script and staging suggestions
  • Musical score, including suggested arrangements for upper elementary and middle/junior high school
  • Demo CD, with musical accompaniment and the songs performed 
  • Discussion guide
  • Background materials, including interviews with the main characters in the play
  • The story of the 1943 rescue of the Danish Jews, which inspired the residents of Billings
  • Copy of The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate  

Please Note:

  • All materials may be reproduced, as needed, for each individual school or organization. Materials may not be be shared with, or reproduced, for any other school or organization.
  • There is no limit to the number of play performances, and there is no royalty fee per performance.
  • There is no licensing fee for continued use of the accompanying educational materials.

We’re very pleased to now be able to offer the award-winning PBS documentary, Not In Our Town, as an optional part of the play package at an additional cost of $50 (approximately a 50% discount from the regular price). This moving documentary features many of the characters in Paper Candles, thus enabling cast members and audiences to see and hear the actual people who are portrayed in the play, and interviewed in the educational materials included in the play packet. For further information about the DVD, please click here: www.pbs.org/niot.


Performance of "Chutzpah" song at Not In Our Town Conference in Bloomington, Illinois

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Rehersal in Bloomington, Illinios

Cost: $195.00 + $15.95 shipping

How to Order

Contact us at (973) 509 0336 or at info@papercandles.com. Payment may be made by:

  • Check
  • Money order
  • Purchase order
  • Installment plan

Funding Sources:

  • This is an approved character education/Holocaust education project
  • This drama project is eligible for funding under the following categories:
    • Bullying prevention
    • Title IV - Part B, for afterschool enrichment
    • Character education
    • Holocaust education
    • PTA/PTO

Revenue Sources:

  • Copies of the Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate, by Janice I. Cohn, the award winning book upon which the play is based, may be purchased at a discount, directly from the author, and sold in conjunction with play performances and related activities.
  • Previous productions of Paper Candles have been used as fundraisers for organizations and activities related to the central themes of the story.




Feel free to contact us at info@papercandles.com.